Business Owner Spotlight: Cosmic Catering

Peg & the Crew at Cosmic

"Our mission is to provide our customers with healthy, local and organic food, continually strive to lower our impact on the environment."

Location: 1 Boathouse Row // Years in Operation: 18

Instagram: @cosmic_catering // Contact: (215) 978-0900

Describe your small business community or corridor.

Our community is made up of local residents looking for healthy and delicious food, the runners, rowers, bikers, and walkers that utilize Kelly Drive, and the tourists from around the world that visit Philadelphia.

What’s the one concept or principle that has been key to your success?

Being the owner and chef has contributed greatly to my success. Having a finger on the pulse of the business at all times helps me to adjust staffing, supplies, and customer satisfaction.

Give three words that describe the small businesses you like to visit as a customer.

Friendly, owner-operated, neighborhood-centric.

How did you come to be a business owner?

It has always been my vision to be a business owner. I started researching businesses for sale early in my career and continued to work toward that goal until it became a reality.

What is the mission of your business? Your mission as a business owner?

Our mission is to provide our customers with healthy, local, and organic food, continually strive to lower our impact on the environment, and to help all of our employees to reach their highest potential.

As a business owner, my passion is to provide the opportunity for all people to work and thrive in a supportive environment. I follow the triple bottom line... people, planet, and profit. I work to make a profit so I can pay people a decent wage while working to be an environmentally-friendly business.

As a business owner, how do you decompress?

When the weather is nice, I enjoy spending days off camping with my husband.

What’s one thing you know now about running a business, that you wish you knew then?

That you need more money than you probably thought you needed, and the importance of having someone reliable to make repairs.

How does your business/business community fit into the larger business community in Philadelphia?

We offer alternative food choices for health-conscious people, in a unique setting.

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