Business Owner Spotlight: Yoga Habit

Jen Wendowski

Yoga Habit

"Our community doesn't come to our studio just to do yoga, they

come to have fun, smile, and feel connected."

Location: 1640 Fairmount Ave. // Years in Operation: 2

Instagram: @yogahabit // Contact: (215) 600-0863

What is the mission of your business? Your mission as a business owner?

The mission of Yoga Habit and my mission as the owner is the same. It's really important to me to bring people together and make each person who comes to our studio feel welcome and comfortable. The word we use a lot is connection. We aim for our community to not only connect with their body, mind, and spirit, but also to each other. At the core of who we are as humans is the need to feel socially connected. In the world we live in now, it's tough to find that. I often emphasize to my team at the studio that each person who walks in our door should be treated like they are your friends and that you've known them for a long time. Our community doesn't come to our studio just to do yoga, they come to have fun, smile, and feel connected.

Describe your small business community or corridor.

I love the Fairmount small business community. We are real people hustling hard to provide whatever our "thing" is to our neighborhood. A lot of us live in the neighborhood as well, which is special. We are really invested in the vibrancy of our 'hood. What I think is cool is that there is a mix of businesses that have been around for a long time like Jack's, London Grill, Ali's Wagon, Neighborhood Potters, but also some fresh businesses as well, like Yoga Habit, Bar Hygge, and A Mano.

Give three words that describe the small businesses you like to visit as a customer.

Welcoming, high quality, memorable.

What’s the one concept or principle that has been key to your success?

Do everything with love - this can apply to so much! How we interact with people, handle conflict, navigate partnerships, give feedback to our teachers...

What’s one thing you know now about running a business, that you wish you knew then?

Hire someone to help out! It doesn't have to be a full-time position. After 8 months in business with Yoga Habit, I hired someone to help me 8 hours a week. It helped me so much by freeing up my time from day-to-day tasks so I could focus on bigger picture things like marketing. I also felt much less stressed and more balanced which is a win for everyone... just ask my husband!

How did you come to be a business owner?

I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I started my own babysitting business when I was 13, I ran a Supper Club for several years... and I worked in sales over the years which has elements of running a business. I opened Yoga Habit because there was a need in Fairmount and I felt confident I was up for the task.

As a business owner, how do you decompress? The good thing about owning a yoga studio is that I can do yoga whenever I'd like! I try to take classes throughout the week. Sometimes I go to other studios which helps me relax even more. I make sure I get out of the city and into nature once a week. And of course my husband and I love to grab a bite to eat at some of our local spots.

How does your business/business community fit into the larger business community in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia has a thriving fitness scene and I am proud that we are a part of it. We often do events with other businesses in the fitness community to help create fun experiences for the city to enjoy. We are especially proud of our partnership with the Fairmount Park Conservancy to provide Yoga at the Oval each summer. It's so much fun, and a great way to enjoy our parks in collaboration with the other businesses that are involved.

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