Business Owner Spotlight: Bar Hygge

Stew & Julie Keener, Peggy Zwerver, and Tom Baker

Bar Hygge

Location: 1720 Fairmount Ave. // Years in Operation: 2

Instagram: @bar_hygge // Contact: (215) 765-2274

How did you come to be business owners?

We were all involved in other lines of work and had very strong ideas of how we would operate our own business. Our backgrounds are really diverse, we came from teaching, IT, brokerage, and corporate experience.

What is the mission of your business? Your mission as business owners?

To create a warm atmosphere for our guests combined with a high quality of hospitality. As business owners, we want to remain dedicated to our guests, our community, and our environmental footprint.

Give three words that describe the small businesses you like to visit as a customer.

hospitable, independent, inviting

What’s the one concept or principle that has been key to your success?

Hospitality! Customers respond so well to the attention given to them by our wonderful staff.

What’s one thing you know now about running a business, that you wish you knew then?

There are so many things... One, the necessary time spent on the business day-to-day, and secondly, the many details of building-out the restaurant! Image via yelp

As a business owner, how do you decompress? Exercise, yoga, running, visiting other local restaurants... and WINE!

How does your business/business community fit into the larger business community in Philadelphia?

We like to stay involved with all things Philadelphia. Hygge is member of the Sustainable Business Network, which allows us to stay connected to like-minded businesses throughout the city.

GAMBA Member Discount: 15% off food

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