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Everyone's favorite (and Philadelphia's only) nonprofit coffee shop, The Monkey & the Elephant, got a great shout-out on this week. The Monkey & the Elephant does great worksupporting young people aging out the foster care system, building community on West Girard Avenue, and serving up fantastic coffee drinks and in-house baked goods - if haven't checked them out yet, you're missing out!


"Sherreiff McCrae was 5 years old when he was placed in the care of a neighbor. Not long after, the Department of Human Services intervened, moving Sherreiff to a group home. There he found stability and safety. But once he turned 18, he was on his own - no family, no education, no job.

Every day, America's foster care system cuts off social services to 60 young people like Sherreiff. They have become legal adults - but in many ways are woefully unprepared for the adult world.

What can one person do? Open a coffee shop."


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